Rex Christmas Tree Farm is a family owned and operated business that is open from Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Eve, during daylight hours.  They sell a variety of trees, along with beautiful wreaths and fresh mistletoe.  In the ten acres of trees you will find Virginia Pines, Leyland Cypress, White Pines, Blue Ice, Carolina Sapphire, cedars and Green Giants.  A variety of both tree types and sizes will be seen throughout the fields because each year, new trees are planted in the same location as the ones that were cut down.  The land is prepared and a new sapling is sown.  It takes five to eight years for the tree to grow and be ready for your families’ Christmas tree.  Each summer the trees are trimmed so they will grow into the shape of a perfect tree.  Some trees grow faster than others.  The Leyland Cypress can grow to be around five feet in four to five years whereas the White Pines may take up to eight years.  A great deal of time and care goes into growing and preparing each tree.